Monday, July 12, 2010

Paul and The 2010 FIFA World Cup Champion Bento (235)

I believe when you look at the title mentioning Paul, you would definitely know who is Paul, when it is linked to the 2010 FIFA World cup that just ended last nite.

I was aware of Oracle Paul's prediction only after the match between Germany vs Spain, which created so much hoohaa to the world!  I started to look forward to its next predictions, on the final 2 matches :p  It proofed itself right with its prediction again!

Check out the following video on his prediction of the final match:

After seeing the news that it is going to retire after the very last prediction of world cup, I decided to make a bento related to it to pay my 'respect' :p

I was out of red color ingredient at home, seek suggestions from a friend Eve while chatting with her on FB, still couldn't come to a conclusion, then before I went to bed, I went to the fridge, sat there for a while to think of what to use, finally, the only ingredient I managed to find was ketchup, great.

So here is the bento I made:

Oracle Paul the octopus and the latest world cup winner - Spain

In the bento:
Paul showing its admiration (those hearts beside it) and stretching out his long arms to ....
(Paul is made of cheese sausage and seaweed as expression, the hearts r cheese sausage too)

the flag of Spain, and...
(the flag was made of a KFC chicken sandwich and top with 3 pieces of colored omelette.  I'm sorry that the red from the ketchup didn't turn out in the omelette, it turned into pink, and I couldn't make the detail in the center of the flag, thus I just placed a heart shape there, my biggest apology to Spain)

holding on the world cup trophy
(trophy was made of a longan and a piece of pineapple)
(the background of edamame representing the seaweeds in its aquarium)

Note of the day with Cherry from Lloromannic (Sanrio)

I read from the Chinese newspaper that one of the Taiwanese singer - Rene Liu has builded a temple for Paul in her blog, check out the temple here, cool!  Seems like the whole world is worshipping Paul now :p

So who is the biggest winner in the 2010 FIFA world cup, it is Paul the octopus!


Lia Chen said...

Oh poor Paul end up in your bento hehehe :D Paul is very famous during world cup. Everyone talks about it.

kel said...

Hi, Lia Chen, I'm paying my highest 'respects' to Paul & dedicating the bento to it, so it's not poor to appear here :)

HK Choo said...

Creative as usual, Kel!

kel said...

Thank u, HK!