Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pasta Salad Bento (238)

Prepared a quick bento this morning, mixed cubed cucumber, egg omelette, pork chop (leftover from last nite), some pork chop gravy and a dash of mayo into cooked pasta.  Used about 15 minutes for cooking and 5 for packing.

In the bento: cold pasta salad, 4 red & yellow cherry tomatoes and 2 marshmallows

Quiz of the day with Ojyotchi from Tamagotchi

Little girl said the quiz is too easy for her, will think of some tough one in the future, :p


Lia Chen said...

Your little girl is so smart. Of course she know the answer hehehe ... And delicious pasta bento for her :)

kel said...

Hi, Lia Chen. Little girl has a book about mammals, and she likes it so that she able to remember all the sentences in the book! That's the reason why she knew the answer :)