Monday, October 5, 2009

Sendayan Valley

Do u know that there is a grapes orchard in Malaysia, and it is not far from KL? I gotta know it from Sinchew last month, I did a search, found an article at TheStar too. Grapes growing in Malaysia, just can't believe it, isn't it?

We decided to go to the orchard last Sat, hoping that we'd be able to get little girl an experience on harvesting her own bunch of grapes. However, when we reached the orchard, we were greeted by:

Sigh... were disappointed to see this sign

We still went into the orchard, the farmers were kind enough to let us in for some photo-taking and told us that the next batch of grapes will ripe only on March next year... oh man... we have to wait for that long...

some unripe & tiny green grapes...

...more tiny green grapes

... will definitely come back for these grapes

The orchard is really small, there is a batch of grape trees planted here (on top of the little hut)...

... and another batch on this hill.

We spent 15 minutes in the orchard only, sad, thot I able to replay the eat-all-u-can fun like what hubby & I experienced in Japan a few years ago.


HK Choo said...

That's interesting...thanks for sharing. :)

kel said...

U r welcome, HK Choo!