Monday, October 5, 2009

Super Ugly Omuraisu Bento (114)

I had a terrible migraine last nite, til gotta climbed to bed much earlier than usual, thus I didn't prepare myself well for today's bento.

This morning, was waked up by very loud 'bang' noises from upstair, oh god, they r having renovation, very unlikely that I will have my peaceful time at home this coming few weeks :(

I used some over-nite rice to make the tomato and bacon fried rice for the omuraisu. The entire bento took me about 1/2 hour, did it very slowly, as I don really have the mood today, with those 'bang!', 'clarrr!', 'kong!' sounds surrounding me.

Little girl liked the omuraisu, though it was ugly. She managed to eat the whole omuraisu, left with little green peas and half of the orange, but she had an additional plate of sliced papaya gave by the kakak (helper) from school canteen. Lately, she has builded up a good appetite, would even ask for instant noodle for supper sometimes!

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