Monday, October 12, 2009

Hairy Caterpillar, Rabbit Skeleton & Green Egg Kebabs Bento (116)

It has been a long time since the last time I prepare soba for little girl's bento. I took slightly longer time to decorate the bento today, took about 1/2 hour in total.

This is the box containing the main dishes

Hairy caterpillar is made of soba wrapping on a stick of cucumber

Rabbit skeleton: hard-boiled egg and a container of brain mellow (mayo) as dipping

Green egg kebabs: edamame

Some raw meats: radish pickled with miso

Iced mud & slime mold: soba sauce & spring onions
(I kept the soba sauce in the freezer last nite, so that the coldness will last till little girl's lunch time)

Cockroach and lizard eggs: assorted grapes

Hahaha... don't all that sound spooky & disgusting? I didn't tell little girl about those spooky names til just now when I was typing this, just afraid that she dare not touch the bento, ;)

Little girl enjoys this bento very much, as she loves soba & the cold sauce, therefore, she manage to eat up all the soba, edamame and the egg. I help her with the remaining 2 cucumber sticks and all the pickled radish (she dislike it). She left with the egg yolk and kept the grapes for her snack later.

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