Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cute Doggie Cookies

Little girl has been nagging me to bake this cute dog-dog cookies ever since she saw it last week. I 1st encountered this cookies from sygim, and the recipe was from Ohbin, thanks 4 sharing this cute little cookies.

Here r the translated recipe:


180g butter
25g corn flour, sifted
25g milk powder, sifted
200g low protein flour, sifted
20g castor sugar
  1. Mix butter, Horlicks and sugar until even
  2. Stir in flour mixture, fold in slowly til forming a dough
  3. Separate into tiny balls each weight 10g, decorate
  4. Warm oven at 150C, bake for 25 minutes

For the ears - Kellogg's cocoa crunch
For the eyes - chocolate rice
For the nose - chocolate chips

Some tips:
  • Ear will keep falling during decorating, however, they will hold well after baking
  • May use all purpose flour to replace the low protein flour
  • Do not over mix the dough, just fold til even
  • An important tip: get all little dough weight in one time, then roll them round, after finish decorating the ears, then only continue the rest, or else it will take forever to finish
Little girl decorated all these doggie mostly by herself while I helped her weighing & rolling the balls. At the beginning, hubby was helping her with the eyes, but he was so impatient with it, I helped her up with the rest.

Little girl made some of the doggie to be female, with necklaces or ear rings or hair clips!

Don u think they have their own characters & facial expression?
All doggies went into container waiting to go to little girl's pre-school 2moro

Aren't they adorable?


javapot said...

l.comso cute, the sparkly ones look like got accessories!

kel said...

That's all little girl's idea, they look rather elegant with the 'accessories', rite?