Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Creamy Loaf

Baked a batch of sausage buns (requested by picky eater Y) + cheese buns + sambal dried prawn buns on Sun noon, luckily I kept a few of the sausage buns (to bring home) as they were all gone after tea time!

Well, I didn't bake the buns only, I baked this creamy loaf as well, as we like to eat sandwiches 4 breakfast, b it spreading with nutella, marmite & butter, peanut butter, or stuff with ham, bacon ... etc

I adapted the Japanese Cream Bread recipe from Alex Goh's Magic Bread, but, I added more dairy cream (almost double) into it and omitted the milk.

The outcome of the bread is so marvelous => soft, spongy and creamy

Added some raisin (soaked in rum!) into the 2nd loaf, yum!

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