Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Palmiers (Easy version) & a Blog Award

1st of all, would like to thank javapot 4 this award, I'm more than happy to put it up since it doesn't require me to answer any questions, ;p I love reading ur blog too, javapot!

These palmiers were baked a week ago, was inspired after reading posting from Baking Bites and Carol's. I used the store bought roti prata dough to made do these palmiers, ;p It was so simple & easy...

even little girl can do it with little guidance :)

Used a piece of original & a piece of wholemeal roti prata, made 3 different palmiers.

1. With brown sugar - they r very very crispy & addictive, is little girl's favorite among all

2. With chocolate rice - it turns very hard, not as yummy as I tot

3. With toffee bits - the toffee part is chewy, I like these version more.


javapot said...

you are most welcome Kel.

using roti prata for palmiers huh - v creative! i wouldnt mine or two with cinnamon and sugar pls :)

kel said...

Wuahaha... will get little girl to bake a few 4 u next time ;p