Thursday, October 1, 2009

Stuffed Chicken Wing Bento (113)

I baked a batch of chicken wings last nite for dinner, and I stuffed 2 wings with fried tomato & spinach rice, as little girl's bento & breadfast today.

Therefore, this morning's preparation was speedy (only about 10 minutes), just blanched some edamame & artificial crab stick, placed a piece of cheese on the wings and heat it in the toaster oven. I took a few second to imagine what does the wing resembled, 1st a moose without the antler, 2nd a horse, finally I decided on a camel, so I cut some seaweed as its eye.

Once the bento was ready...

Me: Girl, can u come over pls?
LG: Yeah, mummy?
Me: Tell me what can u see from the bento?
LG: * look & start imagining * A whale! * slap forehead *
Me: No, it don look like a whale, I give u a hint, it is a animal live in dessert
LG: A camel? No, it is a whale!
Me: No, don u see, the camel is eating grass (edamame) and there are some flowers (crab sticks) near it.
LG: No, mummy, there r no grass and flowers in the dessert...
Me: Fine, this camel lives in the zoo...
LG: No, this is the whale's head (pointing to the chicken wing), here r some seaweed (edamame) and these r the sea anemones, it is a whale!
Me: Ok, ok, what ever... * surrender *

So, what do u see in this bento, a camel? a whale? or something else?


javapot said...

look like a camel to me. well done.

kel said...

Ooh! Thanks javapot, I had one who support me now ;)

3lilangels said...

Looks like a puffin's head to me. The fact you can turn a chicken wing into a number of animals' head is just amazing. Keep it up!

kel said...

A puffin bird, this is interesting, never thot of it, thanks 4 ur comment & encouragement.

javapot said...

MP says he sees a rabbit!?? Like Sharon says, from a chicken wing we can see different shapes!! ha ha

kel said...

Like Elmo (from Sesame Street) said "Use ur imagination!", with a little imagination, we able to see different things from our food too. That's the reason I like to ask little girl what could she see from her bento.