Monday, October 26, 2009

Creepy Peeper & Witch Fingers Bento (119)

Remember I made a similar bento last year? I saw the Cold Storage brochure with some creepy peeper sweets promotion last nite, it inspired me into making this bento again.

Used only 20 minutes to complete the bento, made 2 extra creepy peeper for little girl & me as brunch and used most time on skinning & deseeding the grapes.

The creepy peeper - salmon flake & fish roe onigiri as the white eye balls, cucumber slices as pupils and ketchup as those tiny blood vessels

Witch fingers - pork frankfurter as fingers and edamame as nails

Magic beans (left, edamame) and lizard eggs (right, red globe grapes) in bone skewer

Little girl ate very little today, left with an onigiri, 1/2 sausage and 2 grapes, :( Could it be the cheese bun & onigiri she had this morning that stuffed her up?

P/s This is the salmon flake & fish roe filling I put into the onigiri, I bought it from 100 Yen shop SS2.

P/s 2: And the following is the okonomiyaki sauce I used in my bento 118, pic as promised to javapot, I got it from Jusco.


javapot said...

tks 4 the pic Kel.

btw your bento looks very creepy indeed, what did your gal think of it??

kel said...

My pleasure, javapot.

When my girl 1st saw the eye balls, she said: "that's creepy, mummy!" When I told her I was going to make it creepier (adding the blood vessel), she yelled nooooo..... hahaha!

Emily said...

oooo those fingers look scaryyyyyyy!

another great bento!

kel said...

Hahaha... those fingers look quite real at the 1st glance-huh? Thanks, Emily!

javapot said...

where do u get the aonori? tks

kel said...

I think I got it from Jusco too, javapot.