Friday, October 9, 2009

Chong Fan & Oden Bento (115)

I cooked a big pot of oden for dinner on Wed, these r some of the leftover. I bought the chong fan, sweet bean sauce, konnyaku knots and some assorted fish balls from my favorite vendor in PJ17 market, which r most of the ingredients u see here, really nice & convenient to buy most things from 1 stall.

As most of the ingredients r pre-cook, I only have to re-heat or steam them in the morning, I used about 10 minutes for the bento, used most of the time on skinning & deseeding the fruits.

Steamed chong fan, sprinkled with black sesames (white sesames were out of stock ;p) for added color, and the chic container stores some sweet bean sauce...

from the pot of oden: konnyaku knot, white fish balls (with fish roe stuffing), yellow fish balls (with squid stuffing), lotus roots and a container of sesame sauce

fruits: Korean kyoho grapes, plums and pomelo

Little girls likes chong fan lately, so I am not surprise to see her cleans the box of chong fan and oden. As for the fruits, she has 1 grape, a piece of plum, and a mouth of pomelo, then declares that she is full.


3lilangels said...

A very healthy bento, and your gal has a very healthy appetite too. Nice.

kel said...

Thanks, 3lilangels!

javapot said...

love the idea about freezing the sauce so that it will remain cool.

kel said...

Thanks javapot!