Saturday, October 3, 2009

Crunchy Potato Crackers Vr 2

Baked this crunchy potato crackers again (the 2nd time), this time I used lesser oil and more seasonings. Here was my 1st attempt's result and recipe from here.


200g potato, mashed
60g potato statch
3 tbs olive oil (I used the dining tablespoon)


2 tbs parmesan cheese powder
1 tsp seaweed flakes
pinch of salt & pepper

It was much easier to mold them out this time...

... and the color was much lighter

The 1st thing little girl asked me when she saw this crackers was: " Is it cheesier this time?" Yeah, I didn't put in that much cheese last time, and she satisfied with this batch. They were must crunchier & cheesier, yum!


3lilangels said...

So pretty and yummy. I'm sure little girl was more than satisfied with this.

kel said...

Yeah, her friends & teacher too, ;)