Thursday, October 22, 2009

Noodle Omelette Bento (118)

Little girl has a wiggling tooth since Sun, she can't use her front teeth now therefore has to make something either soft or smaller in size to be easier for her. I used about 1/2 hour to prepare this bento.

2 layers of noodle omelette
Fried the noodle omelette with some julienned cabbage & cocktail sausages, spread with okonomiyaki sauce, mayo and sprinkled with lots of katsuobushi and nori flakes

Skinned & seeded red globe grapes

Cucumber slices

Little girl had 1/3 of the omelette b4 leaving to school, thus during her lunch she declared full after eating half of the omelette, cucumber and all of the grapes.


javapot said...

nice okonomiyaki. must ask how u do it.

got an award for u, check out tks for all your support :)

kel said...

Hi, javapot, very easy, just saute the sausages til fragrant, cabbage til soft; cook noodle til soft, then pour everything into 2 beaten egg, fried til omelette set. Spread with thick layer of okonomiyaki sauce, drizzle with mayo and sprinkle lots and lots of kutsuobushi & nori flakes. That it.

Thanks 4 the award, will post it up soon.

javapot said...

u made this from scratch? thought seasonings came in a packet. ok now i know. pls show how the okonomiyaki sauce bottle looks like, tks - so much easier to zoom in at the supermarket.

kel said...

ok, javapot, will post the photo up shortly.