Thursday, October 15, 2009

Leftover Food Bento (117)

The bento today is a combination of leftover from dinner last nite. Used only about 10 minutes to get it ready.

Korean sesame seaweed onigiri

Stir-fry snake bean with prawn and egg

Boneless pomfret (fried with asam last time) with a dash of mayo

Honey dew balls

Little girl has eaten quite a lot this morning b4 she left to school, she ate a slice of nutella sandwich, then 1/2 bowl of porridge after shower! Therefore when she declare that she is full after eating 4 of the onigiri, all the honey dew balls, half of the fried snake beans and pomfret, I just let her stop and rush her to her classroom.

Last but not least, I keep the bento in a new bag today, it is a giveaway from Amy - Easy as Pie, thanks again Amy!

Munchlers - Benny

Actually I find Benny very cute, though it may looks a bit fierce or grumpy :) and of course little girl likes it too, she was so happy to see it when she unwrapped the package, can't wait to use it to carry her bento!

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