Monday, November 17, 2008

A Trip to Pulau Ketam

Went to Pulau Ketam with parent and sis's family.  We went there for a lunch event held by The Pulau Ketam Hainanese Association which celebrating its 100th anniversary.

We left home at about 9am, took Komuter train from Subang Jaya station to Port Klang.  

The kids were all excited and energetic during the train ride.

We took this speed boat from Port Klang to Pulau Ketam, the journey was about 1/2 an hour.  They were showing CJ7 movie in the boat, kids were so delighted, they almost don wanna leave the boat when it reached the island.

This photo was taken by little girl of her cousins while we were in the speedy boat waiting for departure.

Once arrived at the island, we went straight to the Temple of 嘉應, as it's the birthday of Goddess 水尾娘娘, parent wanna prayed first.  Later, we set off to do a little shopping for some dried shrimps.  The above is one of the road with shops.

The luncheon event was held here at the hall of Hwa Lien Primary School.  We were told the luncheon would start at 1pm, but we waited and waited...  Kids were very inpatient, luckily there was this little garden here for them to play around while waiting.

At last, the VIPs arrived. at about 2.15pm, there was a crowd of chinese orchestra playing some music, and fire crackers were burned to welcome them.  The luncheon was finally started at 2.45pm, we were so tired and hungry.  

At 4.30pm, we had to leave the hall to the port, although a few more dishes were not out yet (the cooks were cooking slow too), as the free ride back to main land would depart at 5pm.  The above photo was taken at the port.

Immediately after boarded, little girl was asleep.  The boat we were taking was an opened concept boat, we were able to "enjoyed" some breeze and sceneries during the slow ride, about an hour.  The above photo was taken while we passed a fish farm (according to mum).

Looked at the boat, with wooden seats, and "open".  Notice the orange color life jackets?  All nicely packed and placed on the top.

We reached home at about 8pm, I was almost dropped dead of tiredness.


3lilangels said...

So you're Hainanese. Hainanese are famed for being good cooks, no wonder you're one too.

Looks like a very fun trip albeit tiring for the kids. I didn't know Pulau Ketam is just a day trip away.

Emily said...

oooh you r hainanese too?

kel said...

Yes, a pure one! R u "suki" too, Emily?

I'm still going thru the learning process on cooking, shy to hear ur praise lah, Sharon! ;p

Emily said...

Kel! I am the worst kind of Hainanese! The tiga suku one: 1 quarter Hakka and 3/4 quarters Hainanese!

My mother ~ half Hainanese and half Hakka.

My father ~ pure Hainanese!

Du di tay me? nong di tay Chiam!

kel said...

Wah, a Hainanese test here?

nong di tay Yeo :) pass ah?

Emily said...

Boleh lah!