Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Milk Cooler

Do u like milk?  What about lemon/lime soft drink like sprite or 7up?  But when this 2 get married, u'll have something like below, milk cooler!  Trust me, it is very refreshing instead of causing u tummy upset :)

I got the recipe during my stay at England again, either from TV or magazine.

Milk Cooler

1 glass milk
2/3 glass of lemon/lime soft drink
1 cup of crushed ice

Mix the milk and lemon/lime soft drink together, being careful not to make the soft drink fizz up everywhere, and pour over the crushed ice.

Easy, cool and delicious.


3lilangels said...

You always come up with the most interesting combination. I would never ever have thought of that. Thanks!

Emily said...

mmmph sounds delish!

kel said...

Trust me, it's a very refreshing drink after a busy and hot day out.