Friday, November 7, 2008

Guess What Is This?

Can u guess what is this?

I mixed it with some vege and meat ball in soup to become little girl's ....

and my lunch.

The hint is I played / experimented with this dough quite many time lately.  Ok, u got it?  Yes, the roti canai dough!

It was inspired by the show "Good Idea" again, the ladies in the show used their Taiwanese style onion pan cake to make do this "noodle soup".  The pan cake looked just like our roti canai dough so I thought why not give it a try. 

The verdict:  not bad, a bit soft but is very smooth ("hou wat" in Cantonese).  Little girl finished the "noodle" 1st b4 the rest of the vege or meat balls!


Emily said...

you are fabulous!

nobu said...

Looks delicious!!

kel said...

Thanks nobu, I like the food introduced in ur blog too.