Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Bento Accessaries

Received this package from Market Place this evening.

Had these in the box, children training chopstick, bath crayons, Hello Kitty food picks....

... and these, from top left: egg shell food cups, duck family picks, animal mascot picks, and animal story picks.

I shared these items with my SIL, who started on bentoing lately.  So, here are some close up of what I actually take home...

Hello Kitty training chopstick

Hello Kitty food picks

Animal mascot food picks

Animal story picks

Duck family picks


3lilangels said...

Very cute. I've got some of those things too. and waiting for more to come... *_*

kel said...

Actually I came across of Market Place from ur blog :)

chooi peng said...

Hi, thanks for linking me.
hope you like it. :)

kel said...

Oh yes, little girl and me like all very much!