Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Shoyu Udon

We had shoyu udon for lunch this afternoon.  

I used the instant men shoyu (bought from Jusco), 1 pack of udon, some cabbage, 5 pork balls, sliced eryngii mushrooms and Hello Kitty fish cakes.

When I placed the bowls on dining table, little girl came over, curious with the lunch she was going to have, "Ooh!  Udon!  My favorite!"

LG:  Mummy, u don have any Hello Kitty?  I give u one, ok?
Me:  Thank you, and I'll give u another meat ball, ok?
LG:  Thanks mummy!

She is so sweet!



Hello kitty so cute! Where can I buy it in KL?

kel said...

Hi family first, u can get it at Jusco.