Tuesday, November 25, 2008

KFC Fried Chicken n Tomato Snack Bento

Little girl is going to her pre-school for a Holiday Magic Fun Camp this whole week.  The camp includes a snack, but little girl is so use to bento, she insisted to have it during the camp.

So, here is the little snack bento for today - KFC fried chicken n tomato snack bento.  I used 1 leftover KFC fried chicken from the fridge, heat in oven toaster and tore to big chunks, then stuffed in between 2 white bread spread with mayo, honey mustard and a halved grape tomato.

She enjoyed it very much during breakfast, hope she'll like it for bento too.


Eve said...
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kel said...

Hi Eve! Sorry, gotta remove the comment, hubby and I prefer not to publish that part.

Anyway, thanks for leaving a msg here.