Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mini Croissant and Duck Family Snack Bento

Today little girl requested mini croissant for her snack bento, I spread some cream cheese in it.  Then she asked to cut it into small pieces and chose the new food picks - the duckie family.

She had it with another 3 grape tomatoes.

After her school, she told me this:

LG:  Mummy, I gave HL (one of her best friend) 1 mini croissant
Me:  Oh ya?  I thought ur teacher said no sharing food?
LG:  She didn't see mah.
Me:  Ok, it's alright if u want to share with ur friend, so did HL like the mini croissant?
LG:  She said "hmmmm" after she ate it.
Me:  Very good! 

I was so happy to hear that her little friend likes her food too!



Nice of her to share with her friends .. but why the teacher does not allow sharing?

kel said...

I think may be some parents dislike passing food among children => passing bacteria along too.