Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cheese Cat Tongue (Lidah Kucing Cheese)

Well, this cat tongue is not from cat's mouth, it is a kind of cookies which is very popular in Indonesia.  How I come across it?  All thanks to my god-mum.  She went to Jakarta few months ago with ma and other neighbors, bought and tried this cookies there, loved it so much that when the tour guide said able to give her the recipe and bought her the molds, she went all in.  You know what, she bought 10 molds!  Managed to get the recipe 1 or 2 months later in a single piece of paper, like this (I copied exactly from the paper):

Cheese Cookie

150g   egg white
200g  coaster sugar
300g  butter
300g  flour
75g    grated cheese
3sdm milk powder/condense milk (don ask me what is sdm, we assumed it as tbsp)


1. Add in all ingredient accept cheese into mixer, beat evenly
2. Stir in the cheese into the mixture
3. Bake the cookie til it turn golden brown color

That's it!  There is no baking temperature or time?  And how can u throw everything into mixer in 1 go?  There was so many ??? in this recipe, however, my god-mum still wanna gave it a try!

So on Mon, we did the 1st batch, and thanks to ma's suggestion, god-mum melt the butter, thus when the cookies were baking in oven, they were basically frying in a pool of oil!

The cookies turned out crisp but hard, and oily, it turned soggy too after a few hours.  God-mum said "Texture was not right, try again 2moro."

On Tue, we tried 1/2 of the recipe (afraid of failure again).  Beat sugar and butter in mixer 1st.  Beat egg white til peak.  Then gradually fold in flour, milk powder and egg white into butter mixture.  Lastly, fold in the grated cheddar cheese.

This time, god-mum satisfied with the texture, crunchy and melt in mouth, but tasted too sweet and color not correct.  Gotta try again!

I tried to locate the recipe thru the net, but without the proper or correct name, I got nothing.  I asked hubby to help out since he has friends in Jakarta.  He managed to get the correct name, and found 2 sites with recipe, here and here.  We'll try the chocolate flavor on Thu, keep my finger cross, hope it'll satisfy my god-mum.


Emily said...

how intriguing! the title of your post dragged me over early in the morning and am delighted that its A COOKIE!

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