Friday, February 12, 2010

CNY & Valentine's Day 2010 Celebration

Little girl & hubby decorated the house this morning:

Pasted some greeting cards on the wall

Placed 8 mandarins, a nian gao (年糕) and some preserved fruits & sweet

Hubby's last minute purchase this morning, bamboos pot 步步高升
The little red packet fishes r prepared by little girl which she learned from school

And this was what I baked yesterday - Pineapple mochi cake 旺來高高, used the recipe from strawberry & grape mochi cake, but changed the fruit to pineapple ;)

The front of cake: wishing u a prosperous year ahead 一年旺過一年

The bottom view of cake: wishing u a happy Valentine's day 恩愛美滿

We r heading down to Seremban after little girl finishing her class later, hope the traffic won't be bad. And again, Gong xi fa cai & have a great tiger year, roar!

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Lia Chen said...

Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Valentine's Day for you & family!!