Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baked Pasta Snack Bento (152)

Mixed the cooked pasta with the sauce that I kept previously, added lots of cheeses and baked for 5 minutes, at the same time microwaved the fish ball & siumai (bought from SS3 night market) and skinned the mandarin orange. Total time taken 15 minutes for this bento.

Baked pasta with cheeses, 1 fish ball, 1 siumai and 3 pieces of mandarin orange.

Note of the day


Lia Chen said...

Yummy pasta! Oh ... your girl will have a long holiday? How great is that? We don't have a school break until June.

kel said...

Thanks Lia Chen!

Yes, in M'sia, the school will close 9 days, from this sat til next sun.

Happy Chinise New Year!