Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cheong Fan Roll Bento (156)

Went to 17 wet market for grocery marketing this morning, bought a bag of soft & springy cheong fan. The idea of this cheong fan roll jumped to my mind only when I started preparing the bento. While the chicken nuggets were baking in the toaster oven, I unfolded a piece of cheong fan, sprinkled on some pork floss, white sesame, black sesame, sesame seaweed and drizzled bit of mayo, then re-roll the cheong fan and cut into bite size. Used 15 minutes for the chicken nuggets and cheong fan rolls, about 10 minutes for skinning, cutting and marinating the guava.

Cheong fan rolls

Chicken nuggets, a tube of soy sauce for the cheong fan and a container of mayo for the nuggets

Guava cubes marinated with lots of chopped preserved sour plums (酸梅, our favorite way of consuming guava)

Note of the day


Lia Chen said...

Great idea for cheong fan roll! The fillings are delicious. I love pork floss! And the thoughtful note still continue, yeah d(^.^)b

kel said...

Thanks, Lia Chen! Yeah, have to continue with the note, not just few words but a long note as requested by little girl (-.<)

javapot said...

the roll sounds very tasty indeed. like LIa Chen, pork floss is a fav of mine too.

kel said...

TQ, javapot, yeah, it's our fav too, pork floss, seaweed & mayo ;)