Monday, February 1, 2010

CNY vs Valentine's Snack Bento (144)

Think everybody r aware that the 1st day of CNY and Valentine's day fall on the same day this year, isn't it wonderful?

I admit I am turning lazy today, after weeks of baking CNY cookies, I am so tire & my back is really killing me, I took some of little girl's fav cookies home last nite, decided to threw them in last minutes for an easy bento. Used less than 10 minutes to cut & mold the fruits.

Left to right: 4 Almond London without the almond (made specially for the kids), 2 pineapple tarts and 3 Almond London

Heart shaped watermelon and apple

Note of the day

Need a good massage (steps & jumps on my back) from little girl badly, but she's busy with her homework :( Girl, quick-lah!


Lia Chen said...

Lovely bento! Yes CNY and Valentine's Day are coming soon ... I don't bake my cookies, my mom did :D

kel said...

Thank you, Lia Chen, it is fun to bake with the family b4 CNY, do give it a try.

HK Choo said...

Lazy or not, it's still done with so much LOVE, that is what count most.

Your pineapple tarts shape is quite unique, is it supposed to resemble a leaf?

kel said...

Hi, HK, u r so kind :)

Yes, the pineapple tart is shaped as leaf, we used a pair of tweezers to make the shape, very troublesome...