Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fried Potato & Minced Beef Snack Bento (155)

The kitchen in my house was officially re-open again last nite, however I cooked simple dishes only (still haven't replenish the food), fried chopped potato with some crushed beef burger and a vegetable tom yam soup.

It was obvious the contain of the bento is the leftover from last nite, I blanched some cheese cocktail and baby peas to go into the bento as well. All ready in less than 10 minutes.

Left to right: a bunch of cute tiny sweet grapes, fried potato & minced beef decorated with some baby peas, 4 halved cheese cocktails

Note of the day

Wow, for the 1st day returning from school, it was such a heavy pouring this evening, I parked my car about 500m away from the school and I was soaking wet before arriving at the gate. One of the mum jokingly said that it is plenty of "shoi" (money) flowing in :p Luckily I was well prepared for little girl with her own umbrella, rain coat & rain boots, she was not as badly wet like me. Phew! Don wanna her to catch cold as the exam will be around pretty soon.

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