Thursday, February 11, 2010

When Tigress Meet The Heart Snack Bento (153)

In Malaysia, when Chinese New Year meet with Hari Raya (Muslim's festive), we called the holiday as Kong Xi Raya, so this year, CNY meet Valentine's day, how should we call it? Any one think of it b4? I'll suggest Kong Xi Love U! Hehehe..... :p

Made the tigress & heart onigiri with some rice mixed with fried oyster mushroom, lotus root & pork we left from dinner. Used most of the time on onigiri, about 20 minutes, the rest was just merely transferred to bento box from fridge or cookie container ;p

Heart onigiri, tigress onigiri, 1 almond london (with no almond), cut pineapple and a tube of jelly

Iced vitagen

Note of the day

Today, after school...

LG: Mummy, teacher has removed A from being 副班長 (class assistant monitor)
Me: Why?
LG: Bcos she always talk in the class, teacher had given her last warning, but she still talk talk talk
Me: Ooh. So who is the new 副班長 now?
LG: Teacher still haven't choose yet!
Me: Did u tell teacher u were 副班長 in your tadika?
LG: No, teacher said can not choose ownself
Me: Ok, then u'll have to wait til teacher choose one
LG: I wish teacher will choose me, then I can say '安靜‘ (quiet) to the class!
Hubby: Hahaha...
Me: * shake head *

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