Friday, February 12, 2010

Wealth Attracting Birds 招財鳥

This afternoon, while I was busy baking, mum kept telling me dad bought her a very interesting & expensive plant (RM88) called 招財鳥 (wealth attracting bird), I thot it was just an ordinary plant which come with some fake birds (well, it's kind of ordinary nowadays, especially during CNY, by given an attractive name to certain thing, and turn it to cost a bomb), thus was not interested to check out the plant at all.

After all the baking at evening, I was doing nothing, thus asked mum where was the plant, mum pointed this to me:

The flower which looks like a bird!
Can u see the detail of a bird in the flower?

Another view
Ok, the green part is the head and body, pink part is the wings, lastly the white & yellow dot part (at the bottom) is the tail

Isn't it interesting? Mum said the florist told her it was from Indonesia and was imported for the 1st time.

So u wanna get a pot of this plant? It was sold in Ikano, but sorry, dad bought the last one from them, or u may try a luck, u still have 2 days b4 CNY reaching... ;p Good luck!


Jess said...

i have seen them selling at OUG market few months back...

kel said...

Happy CNY, Jess!