Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Burnt Sugared Toast Snack Bento (151)

Bought a big stick of baguette yesterday, made a few pieces of garlic toast & sugared toast from it this morning. However, while those toasts were 'sun-bathing' in the toaster oven, I was helping hubby to change our bed sheet, when I heard the 'ting' from the oven, the toasts had turned pretty charred o_O After brushing off those charred area from the toasts, found them still edible, don't have to go to trash :) Little girl and me had them for breakfast and kept 1 piece for the bento.

Burnt sugared toast, mango flowers and a HK jelly

Iced vitagen

Note of the day

Wohoo, after a month plus, little girl managed to empty her bento today for the 1st time * dancing happily *


skerminesp said...

Just want to ask, do you put the vitagen in the freezer or fridge. And for how long?

kel said...

Hi, skerminesp, welcome to my blog.

I put the vitagen into the freezer for overnite, cos I wanna it freezed & put into the bento beg as additional ice pack :)

skerminesp said...

Thanks for the useful tip. Will try it out!

kel said...

U r welcome, skerminesp. Happy CNY!