Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Heart U-Baked Nutella Roti Canai Snack Bento(147)

Mold & baked these hearts this morning, cut the mango while the hearts were baking, all into bento box in 20 minutes, considered fast?

4 baked heart shaped roti canai filled with nutella and 10 pieces of heart shaped mango

Note of the day


HK Choo said...

FAST! :)

Ah, now is your turn to remind me of the pack of frozen roti prata in the freezer.

kel said...

Tq, HK, u r always so sweet with ur comments. Hahaha... sometimes u reminded me, now I pula... Love frozen roti prata, able to play with it to made do all kind of interesting pastry ;p