Monday, February 22, 2010

CNY 2010

Woohoo! Gong xi gong xi!

A tiger shaped pineapple tart made specially for u!

I'd been idling from blogging for the entire CNY holiday, but we were extremely busy with visiting & makaning (eating) with relatives.

As usual, we were back to Seremban for the CNY celebration, we left on Fri after little girl finished school, we didn't really get stuck in the jam but the traffic was rather slow, we used about 2 hours to reach Seremban!

And this was greeting us when we were home:

a beautiful backdrop handmade by BIL

The eve and 1st day of CNY were passed very fast, we were visiting relatives, lazying at home, watching TV, munching cookies, chit-chatting and the days were zoomed off.

Returned to PJ on 2nd day & 3rd day, repeating the activities above again, but this time was at mum's & uncle's place, we were home for zzz-ing only.

Kept repeating the mentioned activities, plus some 'low hey' dinners from Seremban to Pandan Jaya til last nite. We were really exhausted after all those get-together times with relatives.

Though it was tiring, but little girl said it was the best CNY, as:
  1. It was the longest CNY holiday, from 13th - 22rd Feb, a total of 10 days
  2. She gets to play with some light firecracker for the 1st time, she is not afraid of the fire & sound at last
  3. She gets to play with most of the cousins, about 40 of them, of course met in different days :)
  4. Meeting 3 cousins: Cassie (21), Nick (17) and William (13) from KK, Sabah for the 1st time. Though they r much elder than little girl but they r really wonderful & charming, little girl had so much fun playing with them
  5. She gets to sleep very late (mid nite) and wake up very late too (mid noon)
  6. The most importantly: she has no homework!
Brought her back to her pre-school this morning, to see the lion dance and meet up with her ex-teachers & friends. Boy, she was so happy there, hugging the teachers, playing at the playground, even gotta join in the yoga class with her old-mates...

Lion dance in Tadika Diyana

So, how did u enjoy ur CNY celebration?

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javapot said...

same here, looks like everyone is busy having fun :)