Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bacon Fried Rice Bento (148)

Cook this bacon fried rice for our lunch today, packed some into the box for little girl's snack. Took about 30 minutes to chop, cook & pack the bento.

Bacon heart on fried rice, a tube of jelly and few pieces of heart shaped mangoes

Note of the day

The stupid me forgot to pack the spoon into little girl's bento bag, such a forgetful me!!! Little girl was smart enough to ask a kakak in the canteen, but either the kakak was not helpful or she went to the wrong place (she went to the tidbit selling section), she didn't manage to get any and thus she ate those mangoes only. As for the jelly, she shared it with a friend * roll eyes *


Lia Chen said...

A lot of hearts in the box. That bacon fried rice makes me drooling :)

kel said...

Hahaha... Thanks Lia Chen!