Monday, January 18, 2010

Tiger & Tigress Sandwiches Snack Bento (137)

I'd seen plenty of tiger bentos at few neighboring blogs, since CNY is in less than a month, I'd like to please little girl with this cute charaben bento. It took me more than 1/2 an hour to complete the bento, sigh... really not easy to make do a charaben bento.

The tiger & tigress is a combination of 2 color egg sheets: egg white & egg yolk + mayo (act as glue) + bread + nori
The rest in bento: white & yellow flowers (made from remaining egg sheets, notice the white flower turned out ugly as I fried it too thinly), cheese frankfurter, 2 grapes & a baby cherry tomato.

Note of the day

HK Choo has suggested a sticker rewarding if little girl do not cry in school, as stickers come too easy to her (bought by us previously), I tot of changing it to this stars & stamps collecting game. This is how it goes:
  • earning stars in all ways, eg. be polite, not crying & nagging, finish homework fast, eat fast, help set table, finish bento & water in school, brushing teeth twice a day... etc
  • deducting stars if behaving terribly, crying & nagging too long b4 going into school... etc
  • earn a stamp for every 5 stars collected (in a day)
  • get a reward by the end of week for earning at least 5 stamps, eg. going to McD, Wendy's... etc (don wanna get too much of fast food, gotta discuss this more with hubby)
  • get a big reward by the end of year for earning more than 200 stamps, like traveling... etc
I don't know if this will help to discipline her, she did show some interests on it. Though drama again over the school gate, she still earning 6 stars (plus 7 stars and minus 1 star) by the end of the day :)


Lia Chen said...

Cutie! I love both male and female tigers. I'm impress with the cut on the sausages, very pretty (^.^)

kel said...

Thank u, Lia Chen!

Jess said...

so cute....i love this bento....

HK Choo said...

Roaring into the Metal Tiger Chinese New Year ahead with this kyaraben, bravo! I did tot of attempting this, but nothing's stopping me other than laziness, haha.

That's an 'elaborate' system you came up with, kudos. Let's hope the launch will be a smooth one. :)

kel said...

Thanks again, Jess!

kel said...

HK, * roar back * ;p

Thanks 4 ur suggestion anyway, which leads me to this, yeah, a elaborate one but just hope it works.

javapot said...

very nice tigers. all the best on the stamp collection - both doesn't work on sonny, sigh.