Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sesame Seaweed Onigiri Snack Bento (138)

It's a speedy bento today, all ready & packed within 15 minutes, :)

Korean sesame seaweed onigiri, a cheese frankfurter, 4 sticks of long bean & fish ball noodle and 2 strawberries

Note of the day

LG: Mummy, a lot of people saying my bento is pretty today!
Me: Oh ya? Who was that?
LG: Everybody passed by the table, they walked back & said to me my bento is pretty! It's all bcos of u, mummy!
Me: Thanks, then u must appreciate the bento and finish up everyday, ok?
LG: Ok.

I was at mum's place this afternoon, while busy with the CNY cookies baking, I heard the tragedy of Chung Ling High School from 988, after reading more from the newspaper (here and here), feeling terribly sorry and sad (almost cried, can hardly talk after reading the newspaper), for the teacher & boys, for the families, for the friends, for the students, for the school...

May them rest in peace and hope time can heal all the pain of grief from everybody.


Lia Chen said...

We love Korean sesame seaweed too. It have a great taste, nice with rice. What a nice words from your girl ... She is lucky to have a loving mommy that always prapare such a nice bento for her everyday :)

kel said...

Thank you, Lia Chen. Ur kids r lucky to have u too, right?

HK Choo said...

Kids, they say the sweetest thing. :)
Love those 4 sticks, and coincidentally, I used the giraffe and lion on the same day as you.

kel said...

Oh really, HK, I was not aware of that tho visited ur blog :p