Saturday, January 23, 2010

OMG! It's Chicken Pox!!!!

While I showered little girl this morning, I found plenty of tiny red dots at her body, some of it with blister too, little girl said they r itchy so I tot it must be some insert bites from school. I applied some calamine lotion to the red dots and off we left to the dentist. I didn't pay much attention as little girl was active, fine and complained on the slight itchiness only.

I checked the spots again before little girl left to school, they were not as red as earlier, so I applied more calamine lotion and even sprayed mosquito repellent to her body and feet.

After school, when I showered little girl again, I found more spots on her back & body, and suddenly, chickenpox jumped into my mind, I yelled for hubby to check it out and since both of us were not sure, we decided to visit the pediatrician right away.

After careful checks from the pediatrician, she confirmed that little girl has infected by chickenpox and she has to stay at home until wed. This was our conversation after the confirmation:

LG: Mummy, can I go to school 2moro?
Me: No, baby, u have to stay at home until next wednesday, no school, and can't even go to po-po's (my mum) house
LG: Then what about my homework, mummy? Then I will have lots of homework when I get to school again? * a worried look *
Me: I tell u what, I'll go to see ur teacher 2moro, check whether I can get your homework from her everyday until u goto school, ok?
LG: Ok but I want to goto school...

Oh... she was so worried of all the homework being piled up soon, even the pediatrician was surprised to hear that, and commented that our education system really wrong to put all the stress to kids, sigh...

I remembered during my days of having chickenpox (know what, I got it just 2 days b4 CNY when I was in my 20's, I suffered so much on the itchiness, gotta hide in the room as I don wanna showed my ugly face to the relatives and unable to enjoy all those good food for the entire CNY), I gotta followed all the Chinese believes on:
  • cannot get out of the house
  • cannot get blown by the fan/wind
  • cannot eat bean or pea
  • cannot eat egg
  • cannot eat dark soy sauce
  • cannot eat seafood
  • cannot drink cold water or eat cold food
  • etc
However, the pediatrician told us little girl don have to 'kai hao' (stop from eating any particular food) at all but if we preferred to follow the believes, she won't against it. She even encouraged us to give ice-cream to little girl when she eats the medicine later, as she has to take 8ml of it and ice-cream will soothe her from not throwing up. Hubby & I were like o_O ice-cream??!!!

So, what is the rules or believes in ur part of world for chickenpox? Love to hear from u.


Jess said...

Hope little girl gets well really girl also worries about school homework whenever she is unable to attend school...this proofs that the children are under stressful school workload... :(

kel said...

Thanks Jess, yeah, hope she'll be able to go school on Thu, she oledi complained of boring today * roll eyes *

Lia Chen said...

Hope your girl is having a quick recovery. You have to remind your girl for not to scratch the skin :)

kel said...

Thank you, Lia Chen, she's aware of that oledi.

javapot said...

hope little girl gets well soon. don't worry too much of homework, can always catch up - so stress these days, poor thing worrying about homework oredi.

Wen said...

if she got the chicken pox shot when was 1 yr old, then it wont be that serious like my kids.
but its better to be out now then later, or even worst, during CNY.
hope she gets well soon

kel said...

Thank you, javapot. She is so bored at home, getting the homework from school able to help her kill some times.

kel said...

Thank u, Wen and Yes, she has the jab, like u said, having very little and tiny pox only, with no fever and not even complaining of itchiness, moreover they r drying after 3 days.

HK Choo said...

Get well soon, little girl.

kel said...

Thank u, HK, she is ok now, will go 2 school 2moro.