Friday, January 8, 2010

Mantou Girl Bento (131)

I know I am not suppose to make a kyaraben today, but little girl has been such a good girl yesterday. Here is the reason:

We usually goto mum's place every Thu as I gotta attend yoga class nearby. Little girl asked to bring her along (as I told her she is allowed to go there only during weekend) the day b4, so I wanna her to promise me to play with her cousins only after finishing her home works. And she did keep her promise, she started doing her home works after dinner and shower (I left after her dinner) and she asked mum of permission to rest her hand once then continue again til I returned. Though she still have 1 home work remaining, I let her played with her cousin for 1/2 an hour before we went home.

Therefore, the kyaraben is a reward for her, on keeping her promise and being a discipline girl (as there r plenty of distraction sources at mum's place).

I used about 15 minutes to complete the mantou girl & bento.

Mantou girl made of mantou (sweet steamed bun), ham (for tongue), sausage (for eyes) and nori. The rest in bento: sausages, grapes and a box of smarties.

Note of the day

After school, little girl told me she was surprised to see the cute mantou and asked me why she able to get a cute bento, explained to her again and she proudly announced that she finished the mantou & sausages. When I checked her bento once home, found that she left only 3 grapes & a few smarties in the box, I am happy too! :)


Jess said...

kelly, may i know how do you keep the sausage eyes an all in place until she opens it? normally all the "decoration" will be a mess everywhere in the lunch box... :(

kel said...

Hi Jess, u may use a small stick of spagetti or angel hair to pin the sausages to mantou and glue the nori with mayo.

HK Choo said...

Good idea of using the ends of sausages as the eyes, you sure is creative, Kel!

kel said...

Tq, HK Choo!

HK Choo said...

Hey, I'm the one supposed to thank you lah. But I think you're thanking me for the compliments, so my reply would be "Sama-sama".