Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kippy & Friends Bento (128)

Since little girl had Rabbita (her pet in Pet Society) for her bento yesterday, she asked for Kippy (my pet) today, and again, the Kippy in this bento does not have any similarity with my pet, other than the bear shaped face, however, little girl still approved it with a happy smile ;p

Bento was ready in 20 minutes, slightly longer as I had to blanch the crab stick, fish balls and broccoli, Also took a bit more time on molding the rice as my fingers were not cooperative enough to make it fast :p

Kippy onigiri (center) was made with rice, colored with sakura denbu and stuffed with pork floss. It is surrounded by broccoli bushes and crab stick flowers. There r 2 little fishball friends joining her in the bottom of the bento.

Fan shaped kiwifruits for dessert

Little girl DIDN'T CRY in school today!! She announced it happily when I picked her up from school, oh, I was so glad to hear that!

Actually, she gave a little drama when I sent her to the school hall, she stopped, hugged me again & again, repeating wanna me to pick her up fast after school (which I was a bit annoyed as she has repeated for the whole morning), I promised her again and let her walked over to the queue of her class by herself. I left after seeing her entered her classroom.

I didn't babysit her during recess, thus I secretly left this note along with her bento box. She told me (after school) she was thrilled to see the note and wanna keep it, hehehe....

Back to the bento, little girl ate only a wee bit from the bento, may be a bite or 2 of Kippy, 2 crab stick flowers, and a piece of kiwifruit! She told me she couldn't finish it in time, but when I pressed her further, she said she was busy talking to her new friends in stead of eating her food. Also, she didn't drink her water at all as she forgot to bring the tumbler to canteen and teacher don allow them to drink in class! Oh dear, I'd made her promised me to polish her bento and remember to bring her tumbler to canteen.

Hope she'll remember 2moro....


HK Choo said...

Nice kyaraben, I like the crabstick flower the most. Good effort in penning those memos, this one for sure will bring back fond memories for your girl later on as she reflect on her school days. :)

kel said...

Thanks, HK!

HK Choo said...

You're most welcome! :)