Thursday, January 21, 2010

Strange Looking Chicks Snack Bento (140)

We had an everything white dinner last nite, udon, pearl fish balls, white mushrooms, quail eggs and cabbage in white soya bean soup, it was very 'ching' (non greasy) and delicious. I purposely kept some for today's bento, it was suppose to be a speedy bento until I played with the quail eggs. It took me half an hour to assemble the bento and those chicks turned out so strange looking * shake head *

Contains r mentioned above, added 2 grape ballons and a cherry tomato lantern

Note of the day

Nothing much to add today, am death tire after all the twisting in yoga class, will go watch TV for a while & hit the sack soon, good nite!


Lia Chen said...

Yum delicious udon! Love the beak on the chicks. Did you use carrot?

kel said...

Thanks Lia Chen, no, not carrot, little girl dislike carrot , used kamquat, the only orange color ingredient I able to find at fridge other than tomato ;)

HK Choo said...

Oh come on, the chicks are so cute, how did you do that?
Good idea on the red lantern, didn't think of that earlier tho I have the yellow one in the fridge.

kel said...

Ooh... u r so kind HK :D I was using the quail egg mold to make those chicks.

HK Choo said...

Ah, see lah, I got the quail-egg-mould, but didn't even use that, oops. But I got a problem, the quail egg I got previously was far too big for the mould, so the outcome tak cantik. :(

HK Choo said...

By the way, I adopted the lantern idea today here:, thanks once again.