Saturday, January 23, 2010

Porridge Snack Bento (141)

Was up early today, got everything ready (prepared 2 nutella sandwich bentos, 1 for breakfast and 1 for school) , then waked little girl up to be at dentist's door by 9.30 am, as I couldn't get an appointment, gotta be there b4 the 1st patient entered. Little girl had another wiggling tooth again, the tooth was so disturbing that she couldn't even brush her teeth properly and she was complaining of pain too, we decided to have it extracted to safe us from all the troubles.

The job was completed in about 5 minutes, fast & tearless. Little girl told me she wanna have some porridge for lunch, I bought her pork porridge while on the way home. Exchanged the nutella sandwich bento to this porridge since she enjoyed it so much.

Of course this bento is a speedy one, was packed in less than 2 minutes :)

Pork porridge with a teaspoonful of fried garlics & shallots

3 grapes, a jelly and a kamquat

Note of the day

It was a very eventful day, little girl gotta visit 2 doctors! The dentist & the pediatrician! Will let u know why the pediatrician at the next posting... sigh...


HK Choo said...

Good girl on the tearless dental visit, I'm sure she was awarded with some stickers for such magnificient behavour?

The container for porridge is from Thermos? Can't really see, but it looks slim design to me.

kel said...

Yeah, she has been a good girl lately, and u r right, she collected plenty of stamps oledi.

Yes, it is Thermos.