Monday, January 25, 2010

Sweet Preserved Kumquat

I found kumquats at Giant a week ago, they r very sweet while eating raw, but I love to eat it as those sweet preserved candy during CNY. I saw a simple & easy recipe at Carol's, thus without any hesitations, decided to give it a go ;p


300g kumquats
100g sugar (may replace by rock sugar)
50g maltose (may replace by sugar or rock sugar)
1 tbsp brandy (may replace by cointreau or water)
  1. Wash and dry kumquats with kitchen towel
  2. Using a shape knife, draw 4 lines at each kumquat
  3. Place kumquat into a sauce pan, put in 1/2 of sugar and 1 tbsp brandy
  4. Add in maltose
  5. Cook kumquats in low heat, stir continuously with a wooden spoon til the maltose and sugar melt
  6. Add in remaining sugar, continue simmering on low heat
  7. Keep stirring the kumquats while simmering
  8. Cook for about 10 - 12 minutes or until the kumquats look almost transparent
  9. Put on lid, leave it cool til the next day
  10. Store cooked kumquats and syrup into a clean glass container (able to store for 2 - 3 months in fridge)
Oooh... This is really good, I love the way the syrup bursting out from the kumquat in the month, yummy!


HK Choo said...

This looks so simple, might try it for curiosity sake. Is it overly sweet, hope it's not a silly question, hahah.

kel said...

Hi, HK, it's sweet, but not those extremely sweet type, don get scare by the syrup ;p

HK Choo said...

Wokie, hopefully can spot some kumquat while grocery shopping soon.