Thursday, March 12, 2009

Onigiri Dinner for Hubby

Little girl n me are having dinner at mum's place tonite, and we'll be home only by 10 pm, it'd be too late to tapao dinner for hubby.  Therefore, these r the onigiri I prepared for hubby's dinner tonite, yes, only 4 onigiri-s  :)  Those r the rice I had after making little girl's lollipops bento, notice the yellow one, it was the leftover from little girl's bento too.  

Contains of the bowl => onigiri (flavored with sakura denbu n black sesame seeds and stuffed with pork soboro), 2 not-so-pretty quail eggs, some leftover coral lettuce from little girl's bento again and sprinkled with more pork soboro.

Don know if it's enough for him?  Anyway, we still have the whole meal loaf if he find it not enough, sound so wicked hor?  Hehehe....

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