Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Garlic Chives in Box 韭菜盒子

I love snack, especially those savory snacks, this round I'm trying out this snack from Taiwan => garlic chives in box, 韭菜盒子.  I googled search for the recipe, but since I'm a bit malas (lazy) today, I just agak-agak (rough estimated) the ingredients and used the onion flavored frozen roti prata for the outer skin (Hey!  Another experiment of roti prata!)

The ingredients I used: lots of chopped garlic chives (the green color leaves underneath), chopped button mushrooms (left), dried shrimps (top), cooked n cut glass noodle (right) and minced chicken (center).  As for the seasoning, used only pinch of salt, pepper and a drizzle of soy sauce.

Here was how it looked after shallow-fried (with no oil), crispy skin and soft fillings, hmm.... yummy!  Couldn't stop myself from sampling it after taking this photo :)

With 4 slices of roti prata, makes 12 pieces of the garlic chieves in box, with 1 tiny piece of roti left (on top).

Little girl had a piece after her pre-school, dipping with ketchup, she loves it!  Usually she dislike garlic chives, but she didn't complain at all when she ate this!  

I like this snack very much too, will definitely do it again!

P/s  According to this site, may change the garlic chives to cabbage, pak choy, or any other vegetables.


Emily said...

12 pcs out of 4 roti - triangles ah? Looks yummy! I heart chives too!

Emily said...

aiyaks, that was me!

kel said...

Do try it out, very yummy!