Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mash from ABC Soup

This was very popular in my house during our childhood, we - my younger sis, bro and me used to mash up the ingredients in ABC soup (usually consist of potatoes, carrots, onion, and tomatoes), stirred in a dash of soy sauce and bit of the soup and we'd eat bowls after bowls of this mashes.

I cooked ABC soup for little girl today as per her request, since I was not free to make her another surprise snack after her pre-school, I just filled up the container with some ABC soup, like below:

just the ingredients from soup without the liquid...

... mashed up coarsely with a fork, added a dash of soy sauce, pinch of pepper and bit of soup, done.

When little girl was in the car after school:

LG:  What is my surprise, mummy?
Me:  Remember I told u what I will cook for u this morning?
LG:  No...
Me:  Neh... ur favorite soup ah.
LG:  Ooh!  ABC soup!

She quickly opened up the container, and scooping non-stop to her little mouth, with her satisfying little voice: "Hmm... my favorite soup...."


Emily said...

Yeap! Had lots of ABC soup growing up!

My maternal grandma had a famous soup as well:

Pig's head skin, chicken bones, potatoes, carrots, green peas and glass noodles! Yumms!

Emily said...

and oh! made blended potatoe and leek soup for DH tonight! And for garnishing, I deep fried a wanton skin wrap to crumble on top!