Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lollipops Bento (63)

I didn't plan out the bento last nite, only to think & visualize it slightly b4 I slept.  It took me 45 minutes to complete this bento, I know it can be faster but I used up most of the time on shaping the onigiri.

The lollipops are actually rice onigiri with a stick of blanched french bean poked in.  I mixed some egg furakake into the rice to make it more tasty, as for the filling, I put in some pork soboro (Anna The Red's Bento Factory gave a very good tutorial on cooking soboro => here).  There r 2 BBQ chicken drummette I tapao-ed (take away) from food stall last nite.  3 little quail eggs with animal prints and more french beans and coral lettuce to fill the gaps.  The rabbit sauce container have some soy sauce for the eggs and bear sauce container have some sesame salad dressing for the blanched french beans.

As for the dessert lollipops, there are kiwifruits and paradise pear.

Little girl left 1 rice onigiri, the lettuce and the paradise pear, don know why she dislike the pear though it is small, cute, sweet and fragrance (and very expensive too!).

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