Friday, March 6, 2009

Farewell! My Wira!

It was my 1st car, 11 yrs old car.  It followed me to lots of places during my working life, the most northern area was Penang, and the most southern was Pasir Gudang, Johor, yeah, I drove it to most places by myself.

All these years, she'd been in good health, didn't give me any major problem, only minor hiccups like aircon not cold during idling (was fixed), couldn't pull the seat belt (mechanic just give it a bang n problem solved), etc.  I was blessed too, she really took good care of us, we didn't experience any accidents under her 'hand'.

As she was approaching her old age, hubby n me had been struggling whether to sell her or not, after lots of debating, we decided to let her go when she is still in good conditions (better selling price mah! :) )

At last we got a buyer, when hubby sms me this afternoon that he passed my wira to the new owner, I felt a sudden of sadness, hope her new owner will take good care of her just like hubby did.

LG: "I like mummy's car, I'll miss her!"  

Yeah, I'll miss her too.  Farewell, my wira!


Wen said...

at least urs tahan for 11 yrs. mine long gone liao lor! kakaka

Emily said...

So what's your new car gonna be?!!

kel said...

Wen: At least u get paid by the ins for urs, right?

Emily: What new car? Time r bad, bus 11 or bicycle only :)

Emily said...

Well, less carbon footprints! With my new job, its a 7km round trip... shucks I was hoping for a job just down the street so that I can walk to work!


I loved my old proton too .. but it got stolen before I could get rid of her! Insurance paid better though .. lucky me.

Emily said...

Kelly gurl, which area are you residing at? Need to know for logistics reasons if you are joining us for the friday-get-together-do-the-100Yen-Look-See-Look-See-No-Buying-If-Possible thingy! this week!

I am located in Tmn Maluri, KL.

kel said...

I'm in 17, PJ. This Fri? I'm available between 1-3.30pm & fine with Kuchai 100 yen shop too! Hurray, another meet-up :)

Emily said...

Kelly gurl, I believe the meetup has been changed to Monday next week.. Bento Pet will be in touch with you... meantime, is your house nearby to the only row of shophouses at sect 17? I shall be your designated driver!

email me your hse addy and hp number to: