Thursday, March 19, 2009

Corn, Bacon & Cheese Bun

We felt a bit bored on Wed afternoon, so taught SIL to make bread dough. Actually, just asked her to measure those ingredient according to recipe book, and threw them into mixer to complete the rest of job.

I was busy cutting out the corn kernels from its cob, chopping 4 pieces of bacons, then gave it a quick stir-fried with garlic butter.

After the bread dough had its 1st proof, tore dough into 50g round pieces, stuffed in with lots of the corn fillings and grated cheddar.

Brushed dough with egg wash after 2nd proof and sprinkled with some mozzarella cheese, then off they went, to the oven.

Adult version: Corn, bacon & cheese bun (cheesy top), and plain bun (sesame top)

Kiddy version: Bear-bear bun (with corn fillings)

Kiddy version: piggy bun (with corn fillings)

Kiddy version: an ugly bunny with thick lips bun (with corn fillings)

Kiddy version: Elli bun (with corn fillings)

Pls excuse me of the photos, as I'd taken them with the camera from my mobile phone.

Right after the buns came out of the oven:

LG: Ma! Can I eat the bread, I'm starving! (actually she'd just had her dinner)
Me: No, dear, they r very hot now, pls wait for a while more.

15 minutes later....

LG: Ma, can I eat now, plssss..... * touching the bun * Not hot anymore!
Me: Ok, which one do u want, animal or round?
LG: * Thinking hard * ..... I'll take the round one-lah, keep the animals for breakfast!
Me: *roll eyes *


javapot said...

hahahah...cute, I've also been thinking of shaping some buns (no time at the moment).

Emily said...

Hey, Can we meet up at Rosie's for a bread making session?!!

These are yummy!

Being contemplating on getting meself a small oven. Rosie recommends Elba. Will an electric oven with maximum temperature of 250watever enuf for bread making?

kel said...

Hi Javapot, I'm thinking of trying the panda bread u baked earlier, really need some skill to make that.

Hi Emily, pai-sheh-lah, I'm not that good to start a bread making session yet, may be could ask javapot to do so :)

As for the oven, can't give u advice, i'm using the Panasonic's Dimension 4 genius, oledi good enough.

Or I'll post up the basic bread dough recipe next time, to show u how easy to get it done.

Emily said...

Aiseh, why u so shy one!

NVM, waiting patiently for your recipe or tutorial!