Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Girls Day Out

Went out with Bento Pet, Emily and 3lilangles on Mon.

We (Bento Pet, 3liangels and me) met up at Soul Out at Hartamas at 10.30am, drove to 100 Yen shop at Tmn Desa, Emily came in while we were busy checking out the bento items there.  I was able to control myself here for not buying more bento items, but little girl wanted this when she saw it:

A Hello Kitty pouch

We left to Jln. Kuchai 100 Yen shop half an hour later, this time, I couldn't resist myself anymore, bought these:

Animal barans (forced to buy by little girl), silicon cups (those I had were small, this is bigger), front hair holders (forced by little girl too, caused she saw me using it at home, but mine was black)

These were from Emily (bag of cracker and sauce containers) & 3lilangels (3 little animal picks), thanks!

After all the shopping at 100 yen shops, we headed to Cafe@15 for our lunch, a cosy & friendly cafe with delicious food.  We started off with mushroom or chicken soup (little girl managed to finish the entire bowl of mushroom soup), followed with prawn spaghetti, dessert were sago with gula Melaka syrup & coconut milk, coffee and 6 pieces of crepes!  I managed to eat 1 crepe only (very full oledi), boy, I gotta tell u, it was very very good, soft (with nutella) at the center and crisp at the side, hmmm....  Thanks again, Emily, for the hearty lunch!

By the time we waved good-bye, I gotta pull my full tummy to the car, and kept my mouth close thru out the journey home, as afraid, food would pour out from mouth :)  I didn't have dinner that day, so u can imagine how full am I.

It was a great day out, look forward to have another one soon!  Oh ya, a little reminder here, the Jln. Kuchai 100 yen shop will have new items coming in next week, so remember to check out Emily's for their latest shipment.

U may check out Bento Pet's and Emily's posting for more of our day out.


Emily said...

Aiseh! That full meh lunch?!!

BTW, New stock already in for both Tmn Desa and Kuchai!!!

kel said...

Emily, thanks for informing, but can't visit there yet cos both little girl and me has been sick since Thu, still haven't recover yet :(