Thursday, January 1, 2009

Kuromi and My Melody Onigiri

Decided to make some onigiri for dinner tonite since there was some left over food in the fridge.  As to please little girl to eat more, I made her 2 of her favorite cartoon characters onigiri ==> Kuromi and My Melody.  

My Melody turned out so ugly, hubby teased at the little eyes it had, I'm really not good at cutting nori.

While I was busying in the kitchen, little girl was extremely excited when she discovered what I tried to make her.  She pulled her little stool over to check out clearer and asked bunch of questions on why, how and what, I gotta begged her out of the kitchen in order to finish my work, lucky me, she was distracted by Tom & Jerry on cartoon network til dinner time.

Little girl was pleased and kept admiring her plate when I placed it in front of her.  She started off eating away those heart tomatoes and corns, stole one round onigiri from us as she don wanna destroyed hers ;p.  

Finally she gave in to savor it, she was kind enough too to give us each the ears and kept the not-so-pretty My Melody for daddy's lunch 2moro!  You know why, she was quite full after eating the round onigiri, some roast pork and down with 1/2 bowl of miso soup, but she finished the whole Kuromi onigiri!

These were the not-so-interesting round onigiri for hubby and myself.

Another happy ending dinner without any fuss occurred!  Great 1st day of 2009!


(( K@Y )) said...

It's nice to see how much time and effort you put into making something cute and tasty for your family.

javapot said...

well done on the shaped onigri - salute!

kel said...

((K@Y)) and javapot, thanks for the comment.

Emily said...

Hey!!! these are lovely... and your little gurl is so lovable!!!

kel said...

Thank you, Emily!