Friday, January 16, 2009

"Gi Chong Fan" Bento

Hubby tapao (bought back) brunch for us today, gi chong fan and pork ball noodle.  Little girl had 2 pieces of Hello Kitty cake (bought from SS2 nite market) for breakfast and immediately asked for the pork ball noodle for her lunch when hubby was back, she had quite a big bowl os she loves this very much.

Kept some gi chong fan in her snack bento, as it'd be very messy if I gave her the black sauce, I told her I'd put lots of nori and gave her a pack of furakake, she agreed happily and chose her own pack of Hello Kitty furakake.  

Contain of bento (from left): cut strawberry with sugar, 2 grape tomatoes, 1 pork ball, gi chong fan with lot of heart-shaped seaweed and finally the Hello Kitty nori furakake.

I showed little girl her bento after I prepared it, she gave me a big grin when she saw the face on the pork ball, kid just love to see funny faces on their food :)

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Emily said...

i heart gi chong fan too!